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A stolen life- Jaycee Dugard

Published: July 12,2011
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
273 pages
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On 10 June 1991, eleven-year-old Jaycee Dugard was abducted from a school bus stop within sight of her home in Tahoe, California. It was the last her family and friends saw of her for over eighteen years. On 26 August 2009, Dugard, her daughters, and Phillip Craig Garrido appeared in the office of her kidnapper's parole officer in California. Their unusual behaviour sparked an investigation that led to the positive identification of Jaycee Lee Dugard, living in a tent behind Garrido's home. During her time in captivity, at the age of fourteen and seventeen, she gave birth to two daughters, both fathered by Garrido. 

Dugard's memoir is written by the 30-year-old herself and covers the period from the time of her abduction in 1991 up until the present. In her stark, utterly honest and unflinching narrative, Jaycee opens up about what she experienced, including how she feels now, a year after being found. Garrido and his wife Nancy have since pleaded guilty to their crimes.

Im not going to call this a review because i feel like with a book like this i can't really look at it and say what is good and whats bad.
The whole story is terrible, its terrible that she had to go through what she went through. Its terrible that she has this story to tell.
I can only say that i think she's brave for telling her story, i was so sad whilst reading this for what Jaycee and her daughters went through, but glad that she's now free and can live her life freely and share her story.

It baffles me that humans exist that can do that to someone and it breaks my heart.
Being a mother i can't even comprehend this happening to a child. 

Im glad i read i give it the rating for the courage it must take to tell a story like this.

Five stars

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