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The Other Boleyn Girl- Philippa Gregory

Publisher: Touchstone

Published: May 21st 2003

664 pages

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When Mary Boleyn comes to court as an innocent girl of fourteen, she catches the eye of Henry VIII. Dazzled, Mary falls in love with both her golden prince and her growing role as unofficial queen. However, she soon realises just how much she is a pawn in her family's ambitious plots as the king's interest begins to wane and she is forced to step aside for her best friend and rival: her sister, Anne. Then Mary knows that she must defy her family and her king and take fate into her own hands.

A rich and compelling novel of love, sex, ambition, and intrigue, The Other Boleyn Girl introduces a woman of extraordinary determination and desire who lived at the heart of the most exciting and glamourous court in Europe and survived by following her heart

This book is #2 in the Tudor Court series that focuses on Mary Boleyn who was one of King Henry's mistressess. It basically follows her life through the rise and fall of power in the days of the Tudor court.

This book took me a long time to get through, though that wasnt at all because i wasnt enjoying it. In fact i think it may have brought me to the end of my reading slump (finally!!). I enjoy every moment of Philippa Gregorys's books and this one was no different. They way she really paints a picture of this time is amazing, you really feel like your there and you go on such an interesting journey through history.

I found Mary Boleyn's story so fascinating. We also get to see the story of her brother and her sister through her eyes and they also lived captivating lives. The things people went through andd experienced in those times is unbelievable and i honestly just love reading about it.

If you are interested in historical fiction and havent checked out Philippa Gregory's books yet i highly reccomend you do!


Five stars



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