Thursday, 3 January 2013

My 2013 Reading goals

This year i decided to only give myself three goals for the year because i read for pleasure and i don't want it to become a chore with too many things i want to accomplish. If i keep it simple i can still achieve something but at the same time still enjoy it.

Read 55 books
This is my first goal. My goal for 2012 was 50 and i did reach it but only just. i wanted to up it a little bit but if i don't reach it i wont be overly disappointed. Giving myself too high a number means that i would be more likely to skip over a longer book so i could read more shorter ones which i don't want to do.

Re-read Harry Potter series
Although i have read these books countless times it has probably been two or three years since i read them through from 1-7, so i really want to do that this year. I wont be reading them all in the same month but i will definitely be reading 1-7 this year.

Read at least 2 classics
Last of all i want to branch out and try and read a couple of classics. I don't usually get into classics and i will generally choose a young adult over a classic but i really want to try this year and get a couple read.

So those are my goals for this year, they shouldn't be too hard to achieve.
I'm excited for all the books 2013 brings and all the journeys they take me on.
Happy reading!

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