Saturday, 24 November 2012

Im back!

Hi there!
So i haven't posted in quite a while i have had a lot going on recently, sorry about that.
I am back however and hopefully i can get back into it and get regular posts happening again. With Christmas and new year coming up i will be busy but hopefully i can still get some stuff done.

Since my last post i have only read two books which were
The casual vacancy by J.K Rowling, which i gave 5 stars
and Amy and Rogers epic detour by Morgan Matson, which i gave 4 stars.
I probably wont be doing reviews on these only because they aren't fresh in my mind anymore so i wouldn't be able to as good of a review as id like. But i did enjoy them both very much and was super happy to be reading J.K.Rowling's writing again.

So any who hopefully things will slow down and get back to normal so i can continue doing what i love,

happy reading guys

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