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Fallen - Lauren Kate

Publisher: Delacorte Press
Published: Dec 8, 2009
452 pages
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There’s something achingly familiar about Daniel Grigori.

Mysterious and aloof, he captures Luce Price’s attention from the moment she sees him on her first day at the Sword & Cross boarding school in sultry Savannah. He’s the one bright spot in a place where cell phones are forbidden, the other students are all screw-ups, and security cameras watch every move.

Even Daniel wants nothing to do with Luce – he goes out of his way to make that very clear. But she can’t let it go. Drawn to him like a moth to a flame, Luce has to find out what Daniel is so desperate to keep secret...even if it kills her.

Dangerously exciting and darkly romantic, FALLEN is a page-turning thriller and the ultimate love story.

To start off we meet Luce who has been sent to a reform school because of an incident that even she doesn't know the details of. Here she meets Daniel who wants nothing to do with her and yet she is still drawn to him. The plot pretty much takes off from there.
I don't think i had actually read an angel book before this one so i didn't really have any expectations but i really enjoyed this book. I have seen a lot of mixed reviews on this book but i thought it was really well done.

I loved the setting, the way the school was written made it sound so creepy and it just really set the scene for a good story.
The storyline was great, there were a couple of slow bits but i think there generally is in every book.
The only thing that bugged me a bit was that there was a love triangle, but it wasn't done in a way that it was super annoying. Kind of just the whole idea of a love triangle is a bit blah for me.
I liked the ending but was still left a little confused about how Luce tied into it all but i guess i will find out more in the next books.
Oh and can i just say i think this cover is beautiful, i love it!
Overall i thought it was a great book, very well written, great characters, definitely worth a read.

Four stars

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