Monday, 23 July 2012

Playing with your emotion TAG

So because i have been pretty inactive this month, its been a slow reading month for me because i have been super busy. I thought i would do a book tag from youtube which was created by The TAG consists of choosing a book you have read that made you feel each emotion that was chosen. Enjoy :)

Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix- J.K.Rowling

The whole Harry Potter series makes me happy but this one is the one i have read the most and as a result is the most battered from over use.
Everything about it makes me happy, and just thinking about it now makes me want to read it for the hundredth time.

The fault in our stars- John Green

This was an obvious choice and pretty much everyone says this but aside from this the only book that has ever actually made me cry was Harry Potter and the Half blood prince and i didn't want to have two Harry Potter books on this list.
This book was extremely sad and yet extremely amazing. It has stayed with me and is one of my most memorable reads.

Thirteen reasons why- Jay Asher

Oh my god did this book make me mad. I am so surprised i made it the whole way through. I think the writer of this book did not at all take into account the seriousness of suicide at all and the 'reasons' were just ridiculous. I personally have had family member commit suicide so it is a very touchy subject with me and it probably was not the best book to pick up but i think what Hannah did to Clay was just cruel and if shes supposed to know what its like to feel all these feeling why would she put it on him and make him feel that way? Suicide is serious and i really don't think that if this girl was so desperate to do it she would have gone through all the trouble to make the tapes just to be cruel, its ridiculous. There was literally nothing about this book that did not make me mad.

Goosebumps- R.L.Stine

Any of these books are nostalgic for me. I absolutely loved them growing up and i still have a large collection of them. I loved the tv series as well it scared the crap out of me but i loved it.
These books just remind of being young and they started my love of horror movies and being scared.

The girls guide to homelessness- Brianna Karp

This book is not what you would expect for scared but this book scared me in a different way. It opened my eyes to homelessness and how it can happen to anyone. Brianna was just a normal girl with a job and them bam she was homeless. It scared me because it must have been so hard for her and i couldn't even imagine how she must have felt. I would never want to be in that situation myself and that's why it scared me.

Beauty Queens- Libba Bray

This book surprised me but not in a good way. I had heard every one go on about how good it was so i went in with high hopes. I was surprised because it was absolutely ridiculous and it was not at all what i expected. I cant say i enjoyed it that much and i was surprised by that.

Fifty shades freed- E.L.James

Ok so technically i haven't finished this book yet but I'm about ten pages away and i know that my opinion wont change in the next ten pages. I was so disappointed with this book. The first two books in the trilogy where amazing but in this book the story line just fell flat and i found myself bored for most of it.


I actually don't have a book for this one because i couldn't think of a book that would fit it.

Its kind of a funny story- Ned Vizzini

I'm not what exactly confused me about this book i think it was just the book as a whole and i didn't really get what the point that was trying to be made was, or maybe it was the ending? I really don't know i was just confused..

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