Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Buying books?

So i thought i would share my two favourite sites to buy books online. I prefer buying books online because bookstores can get a little overwhelming and its easier to browse from home, and plus its exciting getting a bit box of books in the mail. I should mention though that im from Australia and i believe both these sites are Australian only (although i could be wrong). Because books in Australia can be ridiculous prices here's my favorite places to find a bargain.
The first that i want to talk about is This site has a bunch of discounted books the cheapest ranging from $3-$5. Its not the best site if your looking for something specific but if you just feel like a browse your sure to find something that tickles your fancy. They have free shipping for orders over $30 and ive found that it is extremely easy to reach that price. I have actually never made an order under $30 from here but i believe shipping is around $6 for orders under $30.
Shipping takes 1-2 working days to arrive and i have never had any problem with damage or anything.
Overall this site is great if you dont know exactly what your after but want to find cheap books.
The second site i want to talk about is This site is better if your looking for a more specific book. They have a lot of discounted books and often have deals going. They dont have free shipping all the time but they often have free shipping deals and if you sign up for emails they will send you the free shipping code when its offered. Books are delivered in 1-2 working days and i have also never had a problem with any damage to books from this site.
They have a great range on this site and pretty much anything your looking for they will have, more than likely with a cheaper price than most book stores.
Overall this site is great for the more specific book hunter.

I should probably add too that i was not asked to write about these sites or anything, just thought i would share my favorites.

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